Managing Successful Programme Services in the United Kingdom

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Project Management

Jon has been planning and managing IT projects (and others) for over 40 years now.  He has set up and managed multiple Project and Programme management offices, and has undertaken most of the roles within this type of function.  Jon is also used to developing commercial and financial project products, particularly supply chains and business cases (including public sector Treasury form). In addition to leadership, his strongest areas in PMO operation are in planning and risk management.

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Jon has been designing and running procurements since 1991. In the last 8 years he has run 20 procurements, ranging from small IT retenders to an £800m delivery procurement framework for UK Government.


Jon has been a management consultant since 1987, and is a member of the UK Institute of Consultants (IC).  As well as delivering assignments for over 50 organisations he has undertaken roles associated with setting up and running consultancies, including back office (logistics, IT, marketing, event management, finance and forecasting), recruitment and resourcing and uncounted numbers of bids and proposals.