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Jon has been designing and running procurements since 1991, although his commercial experience in IT goes back further to the 1970’s when he wrote his first outsourcing agreement.

In the last 8 years he has run 20 procurements, ranging from small IT retenders to an £800m delivery procurement framework for UK Government. In his procurement work, Jon may also lead the requirements development and management process.


Much of Jon’s recent work in procurement is acting as incremental resource for an organisation, bridging between the IT and Commercial functions in an organisation – working to ensure that both parties get the outcome they want.

Case studies
Higher Education: Procurement Delivery

A UK University wished to replace its telephony and mobile phone infrastructure.  The existing agreements were very old, and the technology was becoming unsupportable.

Jon designed and ran a Competitive Dialogue procurement for the University, creating the detail requirements and using a diverse range of stakeholders to contribute to the project.  BT/Avaya was selected as the strategic solution.  The University now has an up to date and advanced solution which can be further developed as the University moves ahead.

Energy Sector:

Jon created, prepared and led a negotiation team of 3 expert negotiators together with legal and IT specialists to undertake contract renegotiations with major IT suppliers (including IBM, Accenture, WIPRO and Infosys) for their AD/AM programme (contract values in excess of £500m). This was a complex procurement also including over 10 different categories of software including industry specialised products such as Digital Oilfield Technologies (DOFT). The organisation successfully completed negotiations making savings of up to 40% on existing run costs.

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Business Case Development

As part of the John Lewis’s IT Transformation programme, Jon assisted John Lewis Partnership (JLP) with the enhancement of its strategic IT sourcing approach.  This work included the creation of a sourcing framework and sourcing decision model, together with an organisational review and support for staff communications.  Jon also assisted with quick win improvements for 3rd party supplier management, proposed a development approach for better demand management of IT resources, ran a market test for a portfolio of IT services including major projects and an integrated testing solution, and trained over 100 JLP partners in intelligent sourcing.