IT Management Consulting Case Studies in the UK


Case study 1 (technical review – Eastern European Government)

Jon provided a short technical review, with recommendations, considering two bids for the development and operations of a new Fiscal Stamp service. The scope of this review included IT, security, business process and proposed operational design. The client was satisfied with the review and has taken note of the recommendations


Case study 2 (Project assurance - Energy)

Working with the product owner, Jon acted as the Go-Live project manager for an advanced cloud-based energy dispatching system, with a distributed development team.  Jon worked with a distributed team to create and deliver technical preparation tasks and ran a series of workshops to develop communication and support processes for collaboration between the various parties.


Case study 3 (Mentoring)

As someone who has been involved in multiple start-ups, Jon has worked with several start-up small business owners to help them develop their initial visions, marketing and business plans.


Case study 4 (Training Development)

European transport drivers face multiple challenges through increased requirements for regulatory compliance, safety and improved customer service. In order to solve these challenges, Jon project managed a scoping study for the creation of a logistics academy for a pan European logistics company.  The study produced a 5-year training and development plan, outline course definitions and proposals to deliver bottom line benefits to the business